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Bearapw Super Hunter Side Mount pilekogger

Bearapw Super Hunter Side Mount pilekogger
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    The quiver is manufactured by Great Northern Bowquiver in the US for Bearpaw Products. The functionality and the quality in the manufacture of their products has convinced us to include this bow quiver in the Bearpaw range. This article has been used extensively for bow hunters and in our opinion is the absolute No.1 choice. The owner of Great Northern Quivers, Bob Brumm, is proud to put his name to every single quiver he produces. Henry Bodnik has chosen this as his personal quiver and is extremely pleased that we can work together with Bob.

    The Super Hunter Side Mount requires pre-installed inserts for attachment to the riser. The bow quiver is supplied with two screws in the most popular imperial sizes. The Super Hunter Side Mount can be adjusted in its length to fit your bow perfectly. The quiver is delivered with a “medium” size arrow gripper. The medium version will securely accommodate all carbon arrows from the Penthalon Traditional Series, Easton carbon arrows .245, Gold Tip Carbon arrows .246 and other makes in similar sizes. For wooden arrows with a diameter of 11/32” and 23/64” or slimline carbon arrows, the correct arrow grippers are available as an extra.

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