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Black Eagle Revelation skafter, 12 stk.

Black Eagle Revelation skafter, 12 stk.
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    Micro diameter shaft from Black Eagle. Shot by top archers like Toja Ellison, Tanja Jenssen, James Lutz, Alex Wifler and Dan McCarthy.

    The Revelation 100% carbon arrowwas designed for long-range target accuracy. After several years of product development and professionals field testing the arrow,  Black Eagle believes this is the best micro-diameter-target-shaft available. The Revelation’s heavy grains per inch and its surface area to mass ratio helps it slice through wind with easy — which helps minimize errand impacts caused by unpredictable windy conditions.

    Combine the above with the Revelation’s unmatched tolerances — and you have a winning combination that’s capable of every arrow finding its place in the center of the bullseye. If standing on the top of the podium is your goal, the Revelation is the arrow that will help get you there.

    Key features:

    • High quality, high-modulus carbon, micro diameter shaft.
    • Made for optimal flight characteristic and long range accuracy.
    • Over-fit pin bushings included, providing extra protection to the shafts.
    • Wide range of spines to different shooters
    • Includes (Patent Pending) Overfit Pin Bushing - 7 Grains
    • Tungsten points and (Patent Pending) point weight system sold seperate

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